It’s OK to make
mistakes here.

对你的皇冠hga030登陆负责,和以英语为母语的人练习. Messing up is part of the fun—our friendly coaches provide useful feedback, tips, and a major confidence boost, 所以你可以在不评判的情况下学习, small group atmosphere.

Live Lessons vs. Live Coaching:
What’s the difference?

有两种方法可以联系到罗塞塔石碑教练. 无论你选择哪种方式,你的会议都将由一位专家来主持.

Live Lessons

  • 20-50 users per session
  • Chat and poll functionality
  • Generalized subject matter


  • Only 3-6 users per session
  • 用麦克风练习
  • 内容量身定制您的罗塞塔石碑课程


A former occupational therapist in Switzerland and now enjoying Southern life in Atlanta, 安雅教练自2020年4月以来一直在罗塞塔石碑教授德语. When she’s not helping students master the trickier parts of the language (watch out for those gendered nouns, Anja cautions), you can find Anja swimming or hiking—she even took part in a swimming competition in a freezing cold lake!
Filipino (Tagalog)
原产于菲律宾, 安教练和他们的两条狗住在弗吉尼亚, Dallas and Daisy (no photos, sorry). 他们在罗塞塔石碑工作了10年,教授他加禄语. 这是他们提高英语口语水平的建议? 把-ng音分解成音节来练习. They’re also a fan of visual arts: you can catch Ann snapping pictures or painting in their free time.
You can now find Austria native Coach Barbara in Alabama—and she’s taken her German knowledge with her! 背景从心理学到视觉艺术, 这位多才多艺的教练在不教书的时候还骑摩托车. To speak better German, she advises, focus on the meanings of each word: you already know more than you think you do.
位于国家首都, Coach Davide has helped learners master their Italian skills for nine years with Rosetta Stone. Originally from Milan, Davide’s favorite Italian food is tiramisù and carbonara. (Getting hungry?)如果你刚刚开始了解这种hga008官网登陆, Davide recommends double-checking the endings of your verb conjugations for gender and pluralization.
你知道爱尔兰语被认为是濒危hga008官网登陆吗? 教练Diarmuid想要改变这一点. 出生在科克,现在住在新泽西, Diarmuid studied Irish as an undergraduate and holds a postgraduate degree in education. 他们提醒学习者,虽然hga008官网登陆是濒危的, 时至今日,它仍在爱尔兰各地广泛使用!
Spanish (Latin America)
Hailing from Peru, Coach Elizabeth loves spending time with Rosetta Stone Spanish learners. 当她不打网球或跳肚皮舞的时候, 伊丽莎白训练学生如何提高发音. “在西班牙语中,H是一种装饰,”她开玩笑说.
Spanish (Latin America)
When he’s not walking his dog, Vodka, hanging out with family, or playing music, Colombia native Coach Fernando teaches Latin American Spanish from Miami (which he’s been doing for 8 years). With a knack for grammar, Fernando cautions novices to double-check verb and noun agreement in their sentences.
Frederique has been showing learners the ropes in French for seven years with Rosetta Stone. An avid yoga fan, 当她不倒立的时候, Frederique is online helping students with the trickier elements of French. Look out for false cognates, she warns; a word may appear to mean one thing in English, 但实际上在法语中有完全不同的意思.
离开家乡里昂去读研究生, 法国教练加布曾游历瑞士, Tahiti, and Canada, to name a few places). With multiple advanced degrees, Gabe draws from academic experience in the virtual classroom. Gabe loves his dog Bingo, even if his beagle can be a troublemaker from time to time.
Filipino (Tagalog)
他加禄族的教练卡琳娜喜欢好的悬疑小说. But the language of their hometown, Baguio City, doesn’t need to be a mystery to learners. Watch out for Karina’s adorable dog, Red, who loves to hike with his owner.
卡佳教练出生于德国布伦瑞格. Katja left Europe for the U.S.现在,她在这里向罗塞塔石碑的学习者教授母语. 她有在线学习和跨文化交流的背景. In her spare time, Katja trains puppies and enjoys long walks with her five dogs. When learning the language, Coach Katja explains, it’s key to focus on facial expressions of others—this will help you pick up nonverbal cues in your conversations!
English (American)
土生土长的纽约人丽莎准备帮助你提高英语水平. 有在欧洲和南美生活的经验, Coach Lisa knows how to help you avoid the most common pitfalls when learning English. For example, 发辅音是件棘手的事,但别担心, 丽莎会帮你把一切都搞清楚!
Coach Mari speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Korean and, of course, Japanese! Learning the language of her hometown, Nagoya City, isn’t a walk in the park. But Coach Mari always offers examples and corrections during her sessions. Plus, with an MA in Foreign Language Education from Florida International University, Mari knows all the tips and tricks for getting you speaking Japanese pronto.
玛丽亚教练是一个多才多艺的人. 她执导过获奖短片,是一名训练有素的女演员. But teaching Italian, the language of her hometown, 是她与罗塞塔石碑学生分享了12年的热情. 她对意大利菜的推荐? “意大利面、披萨和冰淇淋,”她建议道,是烹饪的必备品. 有时候越简单越好!
在加州出生,在瓜达拉哈拉长大, Mexico, Coach Michelle has a breadth of experience when it comes to English and Spanish (plus German, Swedish, French, Greek and Russian!),这影响了她在罗塞塔石碑的教学风格. An intrepid traveler, Michelle has visited 33 countries and lived in both Japan and Sweden. When she’s not immersing herself in a new language or helping students master new grammar, 你可以发现她在家里拍照或编织舒适的东西.
尼科尔教练提醒说,要注意法语中那些不发音的元音. 出生于弗吉尼亚,但在法国长大, Nicole knows where anglophones go wrong in learning français—and how to correct those mistakes. 这位教练喜欢和她的三个孩子和吉娃娃一起出去玩, 托比(“我一生的挚爱”)在北卡罗来纳州的家中.
A future lawyer, Coach Nina teaches German when they’re not hitting the books at the University of Michigan. 在德国和美国长大, 尼娜对两种hga008官网登陆都有独特的洞察力, 让以英语为母语的人在理解德语方面领先一步. 而在德语中冠词的使用可能会很棘手, 尼娜建议:“这只是练习和耐心的问题.” You’ll get the hang of it!
English (American)
A Fulbright winner with a PhD in Second Language Studies from the University of Pennsylvania, Coach Todd knows how to take a deep dive into English with his Rosetta Stone students. “The most common ‘mistake’ my learners make is that they highly underestimate their language abilities. For some reason or another, they feel like they cannot speak properly and I enjoy helping them understand that they're doing just fine and are communicating a lot to me without saying things perfectly,” Todd says.
Portuguese (Brazil)
Brazilian Portuguese can be tough to learn, but Coach Aline, born in Recife, makes things easy. With training in linguistics, 艾琳把她的葡萄牙语知识和温柔结合在一起, fun approach for learners. 如果你在虚拟教室里找不到她, 可以看到艾琳在舞厅里跳舞!
English (American)
Born and raised in West Virginia, Coach Erin can get your English into tip-top shape. 重复难的音对她的教学方法很重要. 再加上记忆新单词,会帮助你提高. 她喜欢园艺,喜欢和她的腊肠犬一起放松, Ripley and Cameo, plus her cats, Midnight and Oreo. (别忘了她的兔子,吉百利,名字很贴切!)
Chinese (Mandarin)
拥有10年的汉语教学经验, Coach Daisy can help you learn to speak the world’s most used language with her positive, 实践主要集中教育风格. 尽管没有什么能比得上中式家庭烹饪, Daisy recommends hot pot and dumplings for learners to become acquainted with China’s diverse food.
目前正在攻读博士学位, Coach Julia teaches German to Rosetta Stone learners with an emphasis on grammatical principles. 茱莉亚解释说,通过更深入地理解这些原则, 在日常对话中更容易把它们付诸实践. 想了解一下德国食物? 她建议,咖喱香肠是一种美味的介绍!
English (American)
Poet, book editor, educator, and social justice advocate, 米卡教练除了英语老师的角色外,还兼任许多职务. With an MA in Teaching and Learning with Technology from Ashford University, 米卡知道如何提供一流的在线学习体验. Consonants, like the letter “S,对英国的新手来说是很困难的, Mikka explains, 所以放慢速度和练习是必要的.
English (American)
在埃文斯维尔大学获得戏剧学士学位, Seattle resident Coach Jon knows a thing or two about overcoming performance jitters. Jon helps learners get comfortable speaking English in front of others and can also help with advanced grammar conundrums, 比如弄清楚该用哪些介词. Jon是随机事实的储存库,也是任何问答团队的资产!